Was Sanjay Dutt's Second Wife Rhea Pillai Upset with 'Sanju'? HERE Is the Truth

Was Sanjay Dutt's Second Wife Rhea Pillai Upset with 'Sanju'? HERE Is the Truth

Reports suggested that Rhea Pillai was shocked that there was no mention of her in the biopic
Was Sanjay Dutt's Second Wife Rhea Pillai Upset with 'Sanju'? HERE Is the Truth
Rhea Pillai

Ever since its release, the Sanjay Dutt biopic Sanju, directed by Rajkumar Hirani, starring Ranbir Kapoor has been making waves. The box office figures are magical but opinion over the film seems to be divided. While everyone has appreciated the performances and the entertainment value it offers, critics have also ripped it apart for what they deem to be a ‘dishonest’ portrayal of Sanjay Dutt’s life.

For one, while his relationship with his father and his drug and guns phase have been dealt with in detail, his many relationships with women have been conveniently left out. Rajkumar Hirani had said that it was deliberately not included because any mention might cause embarrassment to the women concerned.

Sanjay Dutt had three marriages, each of which was much-discussed. He was married to Richa Sharma in 1987 but she later tragically died of cancer. The then married model-turned-Art of Living teacher Rhea Pillai  in 1998 but they got divorced in 2005. Finally, he met and married Maanyata Dutt with whom he has two kids.

The movie shows his relationship with Maanyata (portrayed by Dia Mirza) but makes no  mention of his previous two wives or his daughter from his first marriage, Trishala, who is currently in New York. Now, according to a report in a website, his second wife Rhea was upset about being completely side-lined despite playing an important part in Sanjay’s life, especially during his gun phase.

But as it turns out, the news was fake. An angry Rhea Pillai took to Facebook to completely deny the story. “What irresponsible media reporting! I have had no such conversation with any journalist. When will there be accountability for what is written, misinformation and misrepresentation!!”

Rhea further added that she was putting it out on social media as she wanted to clarify her stand.