War, Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy Box Office Collections: Drastic Drop Seen
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War, Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy Box Office Collections: Drastic Drop Seen

Was it a natural drop in collections or was the content responsible? Trade experts opine

After a spectacular stupendous, eye-popping  Gandhi Jayanti opening Siddharth  Anand’s  War and Surendra Reddy’s  Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy dropped drastically on Day 2. Trade experts say this is an expected  fall  as October 2 was a national  holiday while October 3 was a working day. Nonetheless a drop of 55-60 percent on day 2 wouldn’t be considered  healthy  by any yardstick.

Says  trade analyst  Atul Mohan, “Day 1 was HUGE due to National holiday with dry day and day 2 was working day. A drop in the range of 50% on first working day after Sunday is consider normal but here we saw drop of more than 70% in morning shows though evening shows were with better occupancy. The film was better in few pockets though like Hyderabad and Kolkata but elsewhere not. The reviews are mixed also.”

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Atul also blames  the  high ticket prices. “ Here the high ticket prices also played major factor. The prices could have been controlled for second and third day to maintain the footfalls and could have been hiked for weekend again. Sye Raa… is a great film but the noise of War was too loud to hear about it. It also suffered due to showcasing. But it will do phenomenal business down South.”

Atul feels  the  Hollywood  Batman franchise  has  surprised  many.  “I would say Joker surprise element of the week. Squeezing itself between two giants and making comfortable space for itself and dominating there.”

Trade pundit Amod Mehra is as blunt as  it can get.  “I’d say it was  a bad release. Just to cash in on the national holiday they have released War  on 2  October   with high rates. Then next two  days are normal working days. Now with the fall in collections it appears that the film failed due to its content. They should have had special 4/5 paid previews on 2 October  and then normal release on Friday onwards. Today people are not interested in only action.”

However  Girish Johar feels the falling collections  is  only normal.  “A  50 percent fall on  a working day on Day 2 after a National  holiday is normal. After experiencing a mega holiday start and a combined collection of over 100  crores  Day 2  boxoffice  early trends are definitely in the expected zone. The  two  films have been loved by the audiences all over and they have been released wide all across as well. Both of them, in their regions have a long way to go. And it’s  certain that despite huge costs their respective boxoffice has definitely placed  its makers in comfort zone.

Whatever  the trade  analysts  say the fact  is  the  drop is  not normal. In fact the drop is described by multiplex  theatres as  drastic. There are reports of shows of the Hindi version of Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy being dropped in Delhi.”

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