Want To Lose Weight? Watch A Horror Movie Right Now

Want To Lose Weight? Watch A Horror Movie Right Now

Watching a purely horrific movie could burn an average of 113 calories something that you could otherwise achieve after a 30-minute walking session.

You are curled up in your sofa, covers pulled up to the chin, breathing heavily and swearing under the breath never to watch another horror movie again while experiencing a surge of adrenaline rush in your body.  Now you might scream and shout and question why the hell you ever put this movie on, even though you saw it described online as 'the scariest film of all time', it's not the worst thing for your health. A study has found that watching horror movies can actually help you lose weight.

Researchers from the University of Westminster discovered a 90-minute scary film can burn up to 113 calories, which is the same as a 30-minute walk. The university's Dr. Richard Mackenzie says: "Each of the 10 films tested set pulses racing, sparking an increase in the heart rate of the case studies. In fact, the scarier and more adrenaline-inducing the film, the more calories it will help you burn.

The research shows an average calorie burn of 113 while watching a horror movie but there are movies that might burn more than the said research. The film adaptation of Stephen King's masterpiece The Shining comes in at number one in terms of the best for burning off the calories, with 184. Movie Jaws is second on the list with a decent 161 calories lost, which is followed by The Exorcist, with 158. The rest of the list should be no surprise as they're all considered fucking terrifying, including Alien, Saw, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Paranormal Activity, The Blair Witch Project, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The only thing that should be taken into notice is that the research only stands true if you are not indulging in any kind of junk food items like popcorns or sweets etc while watching a  horror movie.

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