Waluscha De Sousa's Secrets To Looking Fit and Fab: Check Out Her Fitness Routine and Diet

Waluscha De Sousa's Secrets To Looking Fit and Fab: Check Out Her Fitness Routine and Diet

Want to look as fit as the 'Fan' actress? Then follow Waluscha De Sousa's fitness routine
Waluscha De Sousa's Secrets To Looking Fit and Fab: Check Out Her Fitness Routine and Diet

Daily Fitness Routine

I try and get in at least 2 hours of training every day. Pilates works on lengthening my muscles and increasing my flexibility while improving my posture. So I stay loyal to that. I play tennis regularly for an hour every day. A mixture of pilates and cardio works best for me. I sometimes switch this up with weight training just to increase my strength and definition and keep monotony away. Treadmills are a no-no. I’m more of an outdoors person. Currently I’m learning competitive ballroom dancing and that takes care of my cardio as I dance for three hours. And I love it. 

An Easy Workout Routine For Working Mums

I am a fan of squats and lunges for the glutes, side leg raises for the outer thigh, plank, side plank, sit ups for the core, push ups for the back and chest, and tricep dips for the triceps. All these done with about 20 repetitions and sets of three each will work up a sweat and make you feel good. I would also skip. But be mindful of your posture.

Diet Plan For The Day

  •  A glass of warm water followed by butter coffee wakes me up. 
  •  8 almonds soaked overnight and freshly cut papaya is my staple in the morning 
  •  I eat every 2 hours by the clock. So this is followed by a 3 egg white omelette with mushroom and spinach 
  •  A protein shake in between 
  •  Lunch is normally a pulse or chicken and lots of vegetables along with sweet potato for carbs 

  •  Evening snack is normally cheese and crackers 
  •  A bowl of fruit in case I get grubby 
  •  Dinner is again fish and cooked green vegetables 
  •  I love chocolates and so I indulge in a bite or two everyday post dinner to feed my craving and keep the binge away. I stay away from carbs but I do have a small portion of brown rice with my meals in the day only. 

The Food To Avoid...

Wheat is something I completely stay away from. It does not agree with me. I replace my sugar with jaggery and refined salt with rock salt. I also try to consume as less salt as I can. Canned foods, processed food or anything that comes in a packet, I don’t touch. Aerated drinks should be avoided at all costs.

The Food To Have...

I believe in consuming foods that actually work for your body. In my case, a high protein diet helps when I’m training a lot but a clean vegetarian diet helps keep me lean. Don’t shy away from unsalted butter or ghee. These are good fats and required for our bodies. 
Eating everything in moderation combined with a good workout routine will give you the best results.

The Myth About Weight Loss..

Starving yourself does not work! You do not lose weight by depriving your body of food. On the contrary, eating at regular intervals is what you need to do to increase your metabolism.