Wait, What? Salman Khan to LOSE All his Muscles!

Wait, What? Salman Khan to LOSE All his Muscles!

So what happens to that beefy look we love in those shirtless photos and scenes?
Wait, What? Salman Khan to LOSE All his Muscles!
Salman Khan

Ask any actor about what he aspires to be and chances are that he will say ‘method actor’. This much-used (and some say, abused term) refers to a process where the actor goes to extreme length to become a character, including body transformations.

It was Aamir Khan who has always been a method actor always and he is always known to become the characters he is portraying in real life. There are numerous actors like Ranveer Singh who are known as method actors among the current crop. Ranbir Kapoor also went through method acting while acting in Sanju.

But can you associate Salman Khan with method acting? Not really! But it looks like that’s what the Bajrangi Bhiajaan actor will be doing soon for his next film Bharat. Not known as a good actor (at least by standards of critics) Salman has long been said to approach his roles casually. But it’s going to change for Bharat as Salman, is apparently undergoing extreme body transformation!

In a nutshell, the beefy Salman that his fans love will change to a lean Salman in this film! "Most of you have noticed but Salman has already lost most of his muscles. He doesn't want people to know, so he will be seen oversized T-shirts and not the tight ones that he is usually seen wearing. He will be getting rid of all his muscles for the film," said a source close to the star.

The film also stars Priyanka Chopra as his female lead. Disha Patani also plays an important part.Look at Salman Khan's present physique and he is further going to reduce. Apparently, Salman will be sporting five looks in the film. The shooting starts after his Dabangg Reloaded tour.

Meanwhile here is a recent image from his tour where he appears to have lost weight.

What do you think? Does Salman look better with his bulky muscles?