Wait, What? Priyanka Chopra Came to Dubai to Meet Salman Khan For ‘Bharat’?
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Wait, What? Priyanka Chopra Came to Dubai to Meet Salman Khan For ‘Bharat’?

Priyanka had wanted to work with Salman for long. But THIS is the real reason why she finally decided to give up on the film

We’ve heard so much about how and why Priyanka Chopra walked out of the big Salman Khan starrer Bharat. And now Salman, for the first time, spoke out in  an interview  against  Priyanka’s decision to walk out of  the  project, saying, “She had called up Arpita a thousand times, saying, 'I want to work with Salman'. She has even called up Ali (Abbas Zafar) and told him, 'See if you can get me something in this film."

A  very close friend of Salman adds, “This is  true. What he  didn’t mention was that Priyanka  went to meet Salman in  Dubai to ask him for  the heroine’s role in Bharat. And when she finally got it she didn’t want to do it.”

While the  official reason given for her exit is  her engagement and impending marriage, a source close  to Priyanka spills the real beans.  “Priyanka  was  put off when she  got to know two other  heroines were added  to  the plot,  first Tabu and then Disha Patani. This  is when Priyanka had her doubts. She also got to know about Salman’s habit of arriving late on the sets and starting his work  way past lunch time,  while his leading ladies’ scenes with Salman are shot  in his absence. This  is a work mode  that did not suit Priyanka’s temperament, not after working in the unconditionally professional atmosphere  in  Hollywood and America.”

Adds  the source, “It  is true that Priyanka pursued  the role in Bharat in every way possible. But at this stage  of her career working on roles that challenge her is more important than being seen with A-list superstars  in  Bollywood. Priyanka  is all set to marry Nick Jonas. They will produce  films together. She can co-star with anyone she wants.”

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