Wait, WHAT? Katrina Kaif doesn’t like dating!

In an interview, Katrina Kaif dished out why she doesn’t like dating and what she does in her relationships.
Wait, WHAT? Katrina Kaif doesn’t like dating!
Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif has admitted that her relationships have taken a major toll on her. Terming her relationships as “heavy and intense”, she has indicated that she never had the fun of dating someone properly.

Katrina was asked why she is not dating anyone. She spoke her heart out and said that her friend “was actually discussing somebody, someone’s particular name and she was like, you know, what’s wrong with you, so on and I gave this very long answer.”

Who could this ‘someone, in particular, be’ that Katrina Kaif is referring to, we wonder.

Katrina went on to say that her friend said, “That’s your problem, you don’t know what it is to date, somebody. You don’t understand. You only have these heavy, intense relationships. You know all or nothing. This is all in-kind of...what do you call it, yeah! A relationship. You’ve never dated anyone. Like, dates are just easy, nice, casual thing.”

Apparently, this is where the penny dropped for the beautiful actress when Katrina said, “And I stopped for a minute and I realized that actually, she is hundred per cent true. That’s a hundred per cent right. I really don’t know. I don’t honestly know that I ever feel to do that.”

Katrina said she has given way too much in relationships. “You think that this is my happiness and this where I feel the most happiness and this is where I feel the most love and acceptance. And you just go deeper and deeper into that zone, not realizing that you are taking so much out of it. And nobody can sustain that."

She also had some advice for people in relationships, “The most important things, I think, I believe now is that you have to maintain your sense of individuality and you have to still have your sense of who you are. Apart from your partner and that’s, I mean, that’s for me that’s what I believe now.”