Vivaldi Evening Brunch: For a Fun Friday Out

Vivaldi Evening Brunch: For a Fun Friday Out

This lovely Italian restaurant by the Creek know how to get it right on a Friday evening!
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Vivaldi Evening Brunch: For a Fun Friday Out

Evening brunch. We agree, it sounds a bit like an oxymoron and it’s something we still haven’t come to terms with in the Dubai dining scene. But well, what’s in a name? Especially when it comes to something as delightful as Vivacious – the most apt name for this brunch that begins post 6.30 pm on a Friday. The venue is one of our favourites – Vivaldi at the Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers – the chic Italian restaurant that can be easily counted among the best (if not THE best) in that part of town. It’s not just the food that makes it a must-visit. It’s also the Creekside view, ambient lighting and the vibe that draws us in. Perfect for a dinner date.

So how different is a brunch at Vivaldi from a regular dinner? Well, let’s just say, if you are looking for a different dining experience, one that is fun and classy at the same time, this is it. You first sight is likely to be a large dessert counter with a vivid ‘Let’s go Vivacious’ sign as soon as you are welcomed with a drink. With very lively music by DJ Safet adding to the atmosphere, the treat, you know, has just begun.

So there is a buffet counter that has all the staples – fresh salads, pizza slices, cheese, pasta et al. You can stroll around, soak in the views of the creek, sip on your cocktail or grape, polishing off the bites and enjoy the perfect Friday evening. But also wait for the chefs to come to your table with special treats. Be it the gently-flavoured, perfectly cooked risotto served hot onto your plate or the grilled seafood and lamb, this is a brunch that pampers your taste-buds. Our favourite was the Oysters served with champagne foam. Yes, bubbly transformed into foam is infused into the fresh oysters! Frankly, it was there to just add the drama but it was so well-presented that you couldn’t have just one!

If what makes a brunch memorable from regular is the element of surprise, Vivaldi nails it with a special dessert. This was a counter where the server whipped up a treat with a beverage infused dessert treated with liquid nitrogen. Pop one into your mouth and you feel your senses exploding in a rather fun way!

The mood is upbeat throughout, there is just the right amount of verve and the food is seriously good. Your Friday evening plan is sorted!