Virtual Parties: Tips and Ideas to Host a Successful Event Online

Virtual Parties: Tips and Ideas to Host a Successful Event Online

Virtual parties are the latest social trend, helping people cope with social distancing and celebrate special occasions

Is social distancing taking a toll on your mental health? Are you missing meeting your friends for casual hangouts or for partying over the weekends? With video conferencing software such as Zoom available, virtual parties have become the latest social trend, with users hosting all sorts of group meetings, meetups and parties online. There are many kinds of virtual parties that you can organise such as birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, brunch,  ladies’ night in, book club, happy hour and so on. If you are thinking of organising a party online, check out these ideas and tips in order to host a successful event:

Choose an online venue -

Select an online web conferencing programme and a free or paid plan which meets your needs. For example, Zoom allows meetings of 100 people for 40 minutes on its free plan.

Pick a theme -

This will obviously depend on the kind of party you are throwing but picking a theme can make it fun and easier for everyone. You and your friends can dress up and arrange your virtual spaces according to the theme. Participants can upload creative backgrounds and share photos.

Finalise the guest list -

Like any party, you will need to come up with a list of participants who you want to invite. You can pick people according to the time zone as well, depending on when you want to have the party.

Create e-invites -

Get creative with the online invitations in order to get everyone excited for the party.

Set expectations -

When sending out invites, set out the agenda clearly, start and end times, what to expect, etc.

Set the menu -

You can get snacks for yourself and also share details or recipes with friends if you all want to have the same thing. For example, for a virtual movie night, you might all want to have popcorn and nachos. On the other hand, if you are hosting a fitness party, then you can leave the food out or go for something healthy that you can enjoy after the workout session.

Create an online playlist -

You can use a music streaming service to create a public playlist and share this with your guests so that they can all play it during the party.

Play games -

Select games which you can play on a games app with a multi-player option. You can also come up with games where you don’t need to be physically present, such as a round of charades.

Open gifts -

For birthdays and other parties where gift-giving is the norm, you can have the gifts delivered. These can be opened by the recipient during the party. Alternatively, each person can unwrap the gift while on video call and give it in-person in the future.

Give prizes -

You can also throw in some surprise prizes, especially if you are playing any games. A good prize can be an online gift voucher delivered directly to the winner's email inbox.

Celebrate memories -

You can asks guests to show and speak about an object that is connected with a special memory they have with you.

Create social stories -

Like any party, you can take pictures and videos to post on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or TikTok. You can create a special hashtag for your party which all guests can use on their social media pages.

Hosting a virtual party will not only help you shake off your worries and stay connected to friends, family and co-workers, but also take everyone’s mind off the news for a while. You can make some wonderful memories even via virtual parties and also use this platform to exchange self-care tips and recommendations on workout regimes, meditation apps, books, etc. to help everyone relax and chill out.

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