Virat Kohli and Katrina Kaif’s Doppelgangers Be Indebted To Them For Bagging Bollywood Projects?
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Virat Kohli and Katrina Kaif’s Doppelgangers Be Indebted To Them For Bagging Bollywood Projects?

Gaurav Arora and Alina Rai are all the rage this season! While the former will be seen in Zoya Factor, the latter is working on Lucknow Junction.

Celebrity lookalikes are definitely a thing! The most recent doppelgangers to grab headlines are those bearing an uncanny resemblance to renowned personalities, Virat Kohli and Katrina Kaif. Gaurav Arora became all the rage when his familiarity to the legendary Indian cricketer landed him a cameo in the upcoming film Zoya Factor, where he plays the role of team India’s captain. A still from the promo showed him getting into his cricket gear in the changing room before heading to the filed.

Arora is among a bevy of individuals who have gained fame after being compared to popular faces for their physical features.
"I got to shoot an ad film with Kohli. I have also shot for various TV shows," Arora said earlier, adding he is used to being called a 'copy'. "The similarity with Virat Kohli is an incentive, but I have the talent to make great videos that made me popular on TikTok and Instagram,” he revealed earlier.

Like Arora, Alina Rai became an overnight sensation on social media for looking like Katrina Kaif. She too is all set to make her Bollywood debut with Lucknow Junction and is currently busy with modelling assignments. "I cannot change people's mindsets, but it's my talent that is taking me places. Looking like Katrina is an advantage and disadvantage because I don't want to be known as just a Katrina lookalike," said Alina, while speaking about looking like the Bharat star. Speaking about it, Rai said, “I personally don’t see it. I believe that sometimes when it’s someone from the film industry, people when they see actors or models they aren’t familiar with, they see exactness or association with someone familiar and so they rid them of their originality or the independence of who they are but with time I hope I can create my own mark and people will recognise me as myself and as Alina Rai and not a copy or anything like that because I actually don’t really resemble her so much.”

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