Vinta Nanda Hits Back At Alok Nath’s ‘Malicious’ Allegations
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Vinta Nanda Hits Back At Alok Nath’s ‘Malicious’ Allegations

The Alok Nath-Vinita Nanda battle rages on in the wake of the #metoo movement

Alok Nath moved court this week for anticipatory bail for the rape charge that writer-director Vinta Nanda has levelled against him. Pleading for bail, Alok’s lawyer has described  Vinta’s allegation as “malicious”. The lawyer is quoted as saying, “ She has woken up like Rip Van Winkle after 20 years to file the case. My client’s reputation is affected. His liberty is  affected.”

Reacting strongly to the defence, Vinta said to this writer that she had no idea she was opening up a Pandora’s box when she spoke up against Alok Nath. “When I came out with the truth in October 2018, other than what he had done to me, I was only in the know about Alok Nath having harassed Navneet Nishan relentlessly for over four years during the making of our series Tara. Soon after that, when I heard what he had done with Sandhya Mridul, Deepika Amin, Himani Shivpuriji and several others. I realised that we were not the only two he had bullied.”

No matter how malicious Alok sees Vinta’s intent to be, the fact is, the issue has gone far beyond her. Says Vinta, “Here is a serial offender we’re talking about, one who was vicious and unpardonably violative in his behaviour with every powerful woman he encountered in his workspace. Let time reveal the truth.”

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