Vikram's Top 5 B'wood Style Divas

Vikram's Top 5 B'wood Style Divas

Priyanka leads the designer's list, check out who else made it
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Vikram's Top 5 B'wood Style Divas

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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Designer to the stars Vikram Phadnis was in town for the Oniomania exhibition at The Fairmont and we got him dishing on B'wood's most fashionable ladies. Vikram tells us what he loves about their sense of style, and he's got some advice for these stars too. Over to the man himself for his uber fash list

1.Priyanka Chopra
What Vikram likes: "Whether it is her personal dressing or in films, she is constantly evolving. She does not follow trends but at the same time looks so stylish."

Advice for Priyanka: "I would ask her to experiment less with her hair, I think she goes over the top sometimes."

2. Sushmita Sen

What Vikram likes: "She is always ready to experiment with her look, there is never a boring moment. As a professional and as an artist she has no inhibitions at all."

Advice for Sushmita: "I would advise her to wear less make-up, she sometimes tends to cake her face up."

3. Sonam Kapoor
What Vikram likes: "She is an artist who never plays it safe. She is so comfortable in her own skin. Her look is so sophisticated, whether she is out for coffee or shooting a film. And she is such a non-filmy dresser.

Advice for Sonam: "I would ask her to be more glamorous."

4. Aishwarya Rai
What Vikram likes: "She is a goddess on earth. She is one woman who actually overpowers my clothing. She glows like an angel and has the nicest aura about her."

Advice for Ash: "She is so flawless that I have no advice for her. But I always wonder how she would look if she was just a regular girl."

5. Konkona Sen Sharma
What Vikram likes: "She is an actress who knows her limitations. She dresses the way she wants and is super comfortable in her clothes."

Advice for Konkona: "I would ask her to experiment a bit more with her look. We don't want people getting bored, do we?"