Vijay Deverakonda Turns 30, Celebrates with All-Night Cricket

Vijay Deverakonda Turns 30, Celebrates with All-Night Cricket

Vijay Deverakonda celebrated his 30th birthday with an all-night cricket tournament!

It was a night to remember for birthday boy Vijay Deverakonda who turned 30 on May 9 with a boys’ night out.

“I brought in my birthday with my old friends from school and college. We played cricket all night. I can’t think of a better way to bring in my birthday,” says a happy Vijay whose next film Dear Comrade will release at the end of July.

The birthday was spent distributing ice cream on the streets of Hyderabad.

Says the birthday boy, “Last year for my birthday my team and I distributed ice cream on the streets. It made me so happy to see the smile on little faces that I have decided to make this an annual ritual. So yes, we were back on the streets of Hyderabad serving ice cream. But this time we extended it to seven cities in Andhra Pradesh. I couldn’t be present at all the cities. But it made me feel happy to know I was spreading  some sunshine on a  day that’s supposed to be special for me.”

In the meanwhile, Vijay has already started shooting for his next film which stars Vijay with four leading ladies. Vijay now leaves for France to shoot for that untitled film.

So is the cricket practice a part of his training for his next film?

“No no,” avers Vijay. “I love cricket from the time I was a child. I play a lot of cricket these days. It reminds me of my growing up years.”

Earlier Vijay made it to the Forbes India 30 Under 30 list. The actor was very humble about it too. He said, “Does it matter if I am in the Forbes list? Nothing of this sort matters to me. These things were never the goal. The goal was to live, make some money, feel productive satisfaction, enjoy life, feel happy with me. Such recognition is just chance a by-product, fun occurrences. I can’t pause and look at myself admiringly. I can never do that. Actors are said to be vain. But I don’t think to stare at myself in the mirror would make me a better actor.”

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