Vijay Deverakonda in Dear Comrade: 5 of His Best Scenes From the Film

Vijay Deverakonda in Dear Comrade: 5 of His Best Scenes From the Film

Vijay Deverakonda’s Dear Comrade shows what a fine performer he is. Here are the five best moments featuring the actor in the film
Vijay Deverakonda in Dear Comrade: 5 of His Best Scenes From the Film

Playing a devoted lover is easy when an actor follows the  tropes and road signs. But the fabulous Vijay Deverakonda, who for my money is today on a par if not better than Bollywood’s Ranbir, Ranveer and Varun, plays  the loverboy on his own terms in the Telugu  gem Dear Comrade, and nails  it. Here are   the 5 sequences where he  absolutely nails  it.

  1. Chaitanya, a.k.a Bobby follows the love of his life everywhere with a hangdog expression. This man is completely in love with Lily (Rashmika Mandanna) and would go to the end  of the world to pluck her favourite flower. Or beat  the hell out of her  harasser. During a  family wedding, Bobby finally holds Lily’s hand (yes this is  old-fashioned  romance), musters the courage to tell Lilly he loves her. Her flippant dismissive sneering absolutely stuns  him. Vijay Deverakonda (VD)’s expression of hurt is so palpable it almost felt like he has been slapped.  This is an actor who knows how to feel and  how to express his feelings coherently to the camera.
  2. My other favourite VD sequence in Dear Comrade is towards the end of the film when in a rousing dramatic committee-hearing Lily fearfully, refuses to admit she has been sexually harassed. Deverakonda is heartbroken when he says, ‘I don’t know this person’. This is a man who is willing to stand by the woman he loves. But what does he do when she refuses to take  a stand for herself? It’s a classic moment of soul-searching. And VD hits all the right notes.
  3. Speaking of  pitch perfection, VD doesn’t lose that quality of restraint even when all hell is let loose. Take the sequence where a rival students gang descends on Bobby and his friends at their  hangout place.  A fight erupts on the dingy staircase. Watch how Deverakonda uses  the  narrow awkward  space to express  exploding anger. This is the closest I’ve come to seeing Amitabh Bachchan’s  implosive anger erupting  on an unjust society in Zanjeer.
  4. Bobby’s quietly wise  grandfather played by Kamal Haasan’s elder  brother Charuhasan  is  the fulcrum of  Bobby’s commitment, political and emotional, in life. The way Deverakonda  looks at his screen-grandfather tells us so much about where he comes  from, and where he’s going.
  5. Rounding up the  tour de force performance is the  absolutely chilling sequence where Bobby tries desperately to call Lily from a public phone booth. When he can’t get through, he smashes the receiver on the booth glass wrenches the phone out of its socket  and  has a conversation (on a dead phone ) with Lily.

Watch  Deverakonda negotiate the perilous pitfalls of star-crossed  love. This  is no ordinary actor. Vijay Deverekonda is  here to slay. And I  do mean slay. Stay tuned in.