Vijay Deverakonda Got Only Half  His Remuneration For World Famous Lover

Vijay Deverakonda Got Only Half His Remuneration For World Famous Lover

Vijay Deverakonda is being blamed for the failure of his film

While a section of the media in Andhra Pradesh is going hammers and tongs at Vijay Deverakonda for the failure  of  his last release World Famous Lover the truth is far from what it is being  portrayed  to be. A source very close to Vijay says he was constantly at  loggerheads with the film’s producer and director about the way the film was being shot.

Says the source, “Vijay saw things going wrong midway through the shooting. The  director was unable to control the storyline. On many occasions, Vijay had to step in to put the project back on track. But the advice was not well taken. So he had no choice but to finish his work to the best of his abilities.”

The source close to Vijay makes a shocking revelation about the Superstar’s remuneration. “Vijay has only been   paid half his remuneration. The other-half  was to be paid after the  film’s release as  the producer makes  a neat profit on the table even before the film’s  release. Now he says he doesn’t have  money to refund distributors who  have lost heavily. Now the  distributors and the media are pointing accusing fingers for the failure of World  Famous Lover.”

Vijay has opted not to retaliate although  money is spent by vested  interests to malign  him in the press. Vijay is quietly working on Puri Jagannath ’s Fighter. This Telugu-Hindi bi-lingual  will be Vijay’s  Bollywood debut. Producer Karan Johar is  planning a very special marketing campaign for fighter which will be unveiled after the current Corona crisis.

As  for those planning to pull  Vijay Deverakonda’s stardom down by  getting  negative articles published on cheap unscrupulous websites here is what Vijay’s friend has  to say, “Don’t misconstrue a patient man’s silence. Vijay knows  exactly who are the people trying to pull him down.”

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