Vidya's Vaquar Shaikh is Keeping Busy During Lockdown in THIS Way

Vidya's Vaquar Shaikh is Keeping Busy During Lockdown in THIS Way

Vaquar Shaikh gives tips on keeping oneself busy during quarantine

Be it TikTok videos or household work, actor Vaquar Shaikh is making sure to keep busy during this time of self-quarantine. The actor says that he is also making sure to follow his fitness regimen during this lockdown. “I am spending my time making TikTok videos and am also doing household stuff. I am an actor so I can't keep myself away from acting for a long period of time. So being at home, TikTok is great fun and a good way to showcase my skills. Also, I am helping my parents as well as managing household chores,” he says.

He adds, “I am eating my regular, staple diet which is simple and nutritious. Due to the lockdown, there many things which are unavailable but fresh vegetables and other necessary items are available which everyone can eat. Other than that, for fitness, I am doing Yoga, and most importantly all kinds of breathing exercises as this virus chokes our vascular areas, breathing organs and creates a layer due to which we can’t breathe properly. So, it is important to keep our respiratory system strong.”

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Other than these, the actor is making sure to take whatever precautions he can. “I am taking precautions like wearing a mask whenever I go out in three-four days to get groceries, keeping my surrounding clean, maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation, maintain social distance and most importantly have good healthy food,” he says.

Vaquar says that it’s important to follow the orders of the government at this time. “According to me, the government has taken proper measures at the correct time. They learnt from the mistakes that other countries made and locked down the country at the correct time. Yes, for a while, people might face some economic issues or might get frustrated but to follow it strictly is need of the hour.  I would also urge people to follow it strictly, maintain good hygiene and also stay away from communicating socially,” he says.

Ask him if he is missing shooting for his show Vidya, and he says, “Yes, I definitely miss my craft and my normal routine as everything is on a standstill but I feel it is necessary to even give yourself time to recover.”

His producer Mahesh Pandey distributed essential items to the crew on the last day of the shoot. Talking about the same, the actor says, “I feel it was a great initiative by our producer Mahesh Pandey. I agree with and respect his thought process. Each and every worker's contribution has been big. Workers are dependent on the producer for their daily income and I believe that each and every person who have such daily wage workers should also take such an initiative.”

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