Video: Watch Akshay Kumar Interview PM Narendra Modi
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Video: Watch Akshay Kumar Interview PM Narendra Modi

Akshay Kumar interviewed the Prime Minister on non-political matters in a candid chat

Akshay Kumar teased his fans yesterday when he announced that he was going to do something different and was excited about it. Speculations immediately grew that he was going to join politics on a BJP ticket. Earlier, actor Sunny Deol had joined the BJP and it was announced that he would be contesting elections from Gurdaspur in Punjab. But as it turned out Akshay was not contesting elections, he was merely playing the role of a journalist. Akshay Kumar was granted a candid and ‘non-political’ interview with the Prime Minister which was broadcast on several TV channels.

In the interview Akshay engages the PM in a light banter and asks him about his life, fitness regimen and hobbies among other things. However, this move of Akshay hasn’t gone down well on social media and the Kesari actor was criticised for his efforts. Akshay was slammed for not playing the role of a journalist properly and asking tough questions. Many commented on that Akshay appeared to be a big supporter of Modi and his ideology rather than somebody who would question him with  facts and figures.

While Akshay Kumar offered no explanation about why he was interacting with his own country's prime minister, he seemed quite enamoured with Mr Modi as they sat down for a relaxed chit chat at the latter’s residence in Lutyen's Delhi. Looking the friendly interaction between Modi and Akshay Kumar, here is one video where the Prime Minister of India says that he avoids humour in today's times because he feels that it would misinterpreted.

There were lots of things they spoke about, including his fashion style and what inspires Modi's fashion style.

Here's the full interaction with Akshay Kumar and Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.

Now, waiting for the memes and jokes to roll on!

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