Victoria Beckham Just Designed the Coolest Pair of White Sneakers

Victoria Beckham Just Designed the Coolest Pair of White Sneakers

Here’s everything you need to know about the Victoria Beckham sneakers

Victoria Beckham is the ultimate source of style inspiration and there is never a moment she doesn’t look good. When you think of Victoria Beckham, you think impeccably tailored suits, statement sunnies and killer heels and never a sportswear collection. Well, being the entrepreneur that she is, VB has tapped into the sportswear market and has designed the coolest pair of white sneakers which will no doubt sell out instantly.

Earlier this year, Victoria Beckham teamed up with sportswear giant, Reebok to create a complete collection for the brand. "I work out seven days a week. I do a lot of work on the treadmill and I dance. So I was very specific about what I wanted when I started working with Reebok,” she said while speaking to a publication.

Her aim was to create a collection that was high-fashion (DUH) and functional. I don’t want a fabric that’s going to show sweat marks. I sweat a lot. I don’t want something that’s going to bag around the knee or the bottom. I want it to hit at the right point at the waist. I don’t want seams that are going to irritate me or interrupt my workout. I almost don’t even want to feel the workout clothing that I’m wearing," she had said.

Following the first collab, Victoria Beckham has now created a new sneaker which is all set to hit shelves on June 1. The original footwear debuted in orange and biscuit, and the new creation will be available in mostly white; all summer long. The Reebok logo and laces are outlined in a thin, sophisticated khaki border.

The workout shoes will be priced at $250 when they launch on and will be available in unisex sizing.

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