Vicky Kaushal Posts a Tribute to Gluten With Amrita Pritam’s Famous Verse
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Vicky Kaushal Posts a Tribute to Gluten With Amrita Pritam’s Famous Verse

Vicky Kaushal is known for his intense and close to reality performances in Hindi films. His first independent film was Masaan which as released in 2015.

Vicky Kaushal, the actor known for his intense and realistic acting, has been following a strict fitness regimen that prohibits him from enjoying all the fattening Punjabi foods. Being a hardcore Punjabi, Vicky Kaushal loves parathas and butter chicken. However, from the recent pictures not only does Vicky Kaushal look fitter and leaner than ever but the captions also suggest that he has been dearly missing all the yummy foods he loves.

Vicky is missing gluten like deserts miss the rain

Vicky Kaushal recently posted an intense picture with sadness in his eyes and the caption, "Dear Gluten, Main tenu fer milaangi... kithey, kis tarah, pata nahi." He quoted the famous poem of Amrita Pritam professing his love and longing for gluten which he probably does not get to devour now.

Social media users went crazy over Vicky Kaushal's intense gaze for obvious reasons

The tall, dark, and handsome Vicky Kaushal has a great fan following among the females who could obviously not hold themselves back from crushing on him.

‘That stare is killing me.’

‘@soulanimal_panda Remember how you used to say tall dark and handsome and i always used to say i don't connect ????? I guess now i do.’

‘daamnn your looks are just @vickykaushal09 churake dil mera goriya chala.’

Vicky Kaushal was missing pizza a few days ago

Just two days ago, Vicky Kaushal had posted a picture from the same photoshoot where he closed his eyes out of love for pizza. ‘Pizzas, I miss you!’.

His film career has been full of struggles

31-year-old actor Vicky Kaushal is a recipient of both National and Filmfare Awards. His father Sham Kaushal was an action director but wanted his son Vicky to pursue a career in engineering. He started his film career by assisting Anurag Kashyap in his famous film ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ in 2012. Vicky Kaushal did a few minor roles in his later films but rose to film with his independent film ‘Massan’ in 2015.

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