Has Vicky Kaushal Annoyed Salman Khan With his Flirty Behaviour?

Currently, in the limelight, Vicky Kaushal did something that may have annoyed Salman Khan at an awards function recently
Has Vicky Kaushal Annoyed Salman Khan With his Flirty Behaviour?
Vicky Kaushal and Salman Khan

Everyone knows that most acts at various Bollywood awards functions are planned beforehand. But some of them do get out of hand, no matter how carefully they are rehearsed.

Vicky Kaushal, who is riding high on the back-to-back successes of his films in 2018, did a gig on stage with  Katrina Kaif where he proposed marriage to her. The entire staged exchange looked strange, firstly because Katrina is so much more senior to  Kaushal and also because Salman Khan who continues to be Katrina’s mentor, was sitting in the audience. Though Salman’s reaction was one that conveyed amusement, a  close friend of the actor says he didn't exactly take the whole exchange between Kaushal and Kaif well.

According to the source, the gig was probably done to make it a talking point (which it was!). Vicky's 'proposal' to Katrina dominated the headlines the following day.  Moreover, award functions are known to push the envelope when it comes to jokes and stunts. "But apparently, Salman doesn’t take kindly to this kind of heavy flirting with anyone, least of all someone who is part of his family,” says the source.

Will this staged act have any repercussions on Vicky? It might not considering the young star has a huge line-up of fantastic films coming up. However, if Salman Khan is truly offended, the story might be different. Ouch!