Venice Experiences Severe Flood, Loss Worth Millions of Euros!

Venice Experiences Severe Flood, Loss Worth Millions of Euros!

Mayor of Venice says that the reason for the heavy flood is climate change. Venice is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Venice has experienced its worst flooding in the past fifty years resulting in two casualties and a loss worth millions of euros. It is expected that there will be another surge soon resulting in more flooding. This is the second time the city has experienced serious flooding since 1923. The last time it was in 1966 when 1.94 meters. On Tuesday it was recorded to be 1.87 meters. Another wave caused the water levels to reach 1.6 meters. Another tide is expected to hit late on Wednesday night and Thursday morning resulting in more damage.

One person died when he has stuck by lightning while using an electric pump while the other man was found dead at home. More than 85% if the city has flooded including the iconic St. Mark’s Basilica. Although St. Mark’s Square was submerged by over one meter of water. St. Mark’s Basilica had been flooded only six times in 1200 years where four times it happened in the last two decades. Last time it caused damage to 2.2 million Euro in November 2018. Hence, the next flood has hit the Basilica in exactly one year.

According to the Archbishop of Venice, the ancient monument suffered structural damage. But it would also affect the mosaics and tiles as the water levels rose up. Once the water dried, the ancient mosaics and relics would suffer. According to the Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, the heavy floods are a result of climate change and there would be a state of emergency soon. He urged the Italian government to help Venice in this time of crisis. Venice is UNESCO World Heritage site. According to Italy’s Minister for Culture, Dario Franceschini, Italy would help. Venice with funding to preserve the city. According to the head of the team managing St. Mark's Basilica, the damage to the moment was nothing in comparison with what was to come next as the salt in the water would eat up everything.

According to the governor of the Veneto region, it was a scene of 'apocalyptic devastation'. Extra boats provided by the coastguard served as water ambulances. Many hotels lost electricity. Venice is primarily a tourist city and hence the hotels were also full of tourists who had to be shifted to higher floors as the water level rose. Water taxis dropping the people to their hotels found that the walkways had been washed away hence the people had to be helped through the windows. The famous hotel Gritti Palace also suffered heavy losses.

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