Veena Malik's New Role is Dangerous: Open Letter
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Veena Malik's New Role is Dangerous: Open Letter

Veena Malik has been in the news again for all the wrong reasons

Indian columnist and journalist Subhash K Jha writes an open letter to Pakistani actress Veena Malik.

Dear Veena  Malik,

Do you  remember  how much of a helping hand I had extended to you when during your  rather  embarrassing  tryst with  Bollywood,   you were under attack from disgruntled elements  in Pakistan? You used to be in tears  sobbing over the phone  while I’d  do my best to console  you.

I  really thought  you were a ‘misunderstood lady’.(You are actually  neither).And that  those  pictures of you wearing nothing  much more than  your perfume, were all  a “misunderstanding”—as  you described them—and that you were actually  a very simple homely girl  who has been fending for  her large  family since she was a young teenager.

It  was a marvellous plot. And I am a sucker for sob stories. However the narrative of  your life kept changing with breathless brazenness. I soon gave  up trying to be sympathetic. After your marriage and move to Dubai you connected  with me again. The honeymoon  was  over and  you wanted  to come  back to a career in Bollywood.
That , sadly, was  not happening. So you  quickly changed sides. Flipped the  coin. If not a Bollywood actress, then an India baiter. Kya farq  padta hai? A  role is a role.  You are  now busy playing  the very dangerous  role  of  an India hater…dangerous, because I know the  tension between the two nations will lift and  artistes  from Pakistan would be  again welcome  in India.

But  you won’t.  You have burnt your  bridges, Veena. 

You were  always  very adept at  doing that. But this time  there are  no second chances.  Your disgusting tweets  about India and Indians  shows you in a  very poor light.

I hope the  people whom you  hope to  please with your  terribly crass  India -baiting are  pleased  with you. And I hope they will reward  you suitably. Perhaps a ministerial  portfolio?

I have the greatest respect for some of  the talent out  there, like the lovely  Mahira Khan (whom I  once  conducted a beautiful interview with on the phone) and Fawad  Khan (whose gracious and  charming demeanour towards me changed once he felt I was of  no service to his career in India) and I recently saw a fabulous Pakistani  film Cake which I went ga-ga over.

We would like to see the situation at  the  border  normalize, so we can invite  talent from across the border  back to work in Mumbai. But not you, Veena.We  don’t want  you  back in India ever  again.You  don’t know where  you belong.Your nationality is neither Pakistani nor Indian.  It’s opportunism.

Best wishes to you and your ceaseless game of attention-grabbing. When will they stop? From birthday  suits to burqas…what  next?


Subhash K Jha

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