Varun Dhawan denies rift with Sohail Khan

Varun Dhawan denies rift with Sohail Khan

It was rumoured that Sohail had had an altercation with the 'Student of the year' actor
Varun Dhawan denies rift with Sohail Khan

Sohail Khan

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Two days ago it was reported that Sohail Khan had a huge tiff with young Varun Dhawan. Apparently, the upcoming actor had picked up a certain consignment from a vendor known to Sohail. But when he failed to pay up, the vendor complained to the Khan, who called on Varun and gave him a piece of his mind and even allegedly got into a scuffle with him.

However, in Bollywood, people patch up rather fast after a misunderstanding. Varun now denies the incident altogether.

A source close to the Dhawans told a newspaper, "Varun and Sohail are like family, there's no problem between them. In fact, he woke up on Monday to find his father, David, talking to Sohail. Later, Varun also spoke to Sohail and they laughed off the stories. Varun is a huge Salman fan and Salman had even sent across a bag of clothes from his brand before the release of 'Student of the Year'. Varun treats Sohail like an elder brother and they often visit each other. There is no question of any trouble between them."

All's well that's ends well we suppose.