Vanity Bag Essentials Every Girl Needs To Be Aware Of

Vanity Bag Essentials Every Girl Needs To Be Aware Of

It’s the most important but often the most neglected item in your beauty routine. Swati Jain presents a checklist of all that your vanity bag must hold
Vanity Bag Essentials Every Girl Needs To Be Aware Of

Often, when I’m packing, whether it’s for travel, work or a regular day, I always leave my trusted vanity bag for the last. In my head, I always think of packing all the big stuff first and then just throw in the rest of the things and rush out of the door. Needless to say, every time I end up forgetting something that seems small but very necessary – be it a tweezer or a brush. Different occasions will call for different requirements which is why your vanity bag assumes so much importance. Here are my recommendations on all that you need in your vanity bag.


Apart from your toiletries, always carry an additional smaller vanity bag for your handbags. These are things that will come in handy, whether you spend the whole day walking around Paris or cruising on gondolas in Venice.


This vanity bag is the most used one and should carry cosmetics and necessities you’d use pretty much every day. Along with office necessities, it should include little things like hand-cream and perfume and cosmetics that could give you a quick she-has-it-together look.


The first thing to pack for your beach day is a book, you cannot possibly to do anything at the beach without a book, and then you keep a hat, a towel and of course, trusty beach-beauty necessities.

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