Valentine’s Day Special: Love, Trust Patience – Bollywood Wives Reveal the Secrets of Their Successful Marriages

What makes a celebrity marriage, with all its pressure, last? Some well-known spouses of Bollywood superstar spill the beans on their long relationships. Marriages in Bollywood are volatile but there have been couples who have stood by each other through thick and thin. A few spouses speak up…

Shabana Azmi (married  to poet-thinker-lyricist-writer  Javed Akhtar)

“Our relationship is based on friendship and the same world view. There is a magic code between us .. in the middle of what threatens to become a nasty fight, one of us will say “DROP IT” and over years of practice, we are able to do so immediately. Three-four days later when tempers have settled down, we thrash it out. In a rage one can end up saying things that one doesn’t even mean, are largely exaggerated and downright spiteful. It can leave deep wounds. One should be very wary of that. Also, the idea of giving gifts on prescribed days like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s day bores me to tears. The only thing I enjoy receiving is beautiful sweet-scented flowers with long stems not on occasions but just...My friends complain it’s a nightmare to give me a gift because I will return it without the slightest guilt. Similarly, if a friend doesn’t like what I’ve given, I don’t get offended and am for them to exchange it .”

Preity Zinta(married to American  financial  analyst Gene Goodenough)

“Since I was married in 2016 it’s been only a few years that we have been married. Respecting each other and giving each other space is very important in a marriage. And of course not to take each other for granted.”

Namrata Shirodkar(married to actor  Mahesh Babu)

“It would have to be trust and belief in each other .. marriage is a very strong institution of sorts for me .. which is the basis for any relationship to grow and evolve into a strong bond between two people .. children born form the foundation of that relationship cementing it lifelong .”

Ashwini Iyer Tiwari(married to filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari)

“Trust. Seeing both the sides of the point of views. Adapting from both sides. Equal responsibilities and walking side by side  shedding the ego, to let each other grow in their own spaces does not matter who they are and what they do.”

Khushboo(married  to  producer-director and actor C Sundar)

“Patience… perseverance… not compromise but giving in without an ego and understanding. Love is the bottom line. Most importantly, absolute no nagging and giving them their space, which they desperately need.”

Ayesha Shroff(married to actor Jackie Shroff)

“I would say the biggest secret to a good marriage is a foundation of friendship. Treat your spouse like a friend, then automatically the negative expectations in the usual boy-girl relationship fall away. And when things get rough, remember the good stuff you’ve shared and why you fell in love in the first place! Patience and space are magical.”

Simran Bagga(married  to Deepak Bagga)

“Patience is needed big time. Lots of compassion. Dealing situation with wisdom. Facing any adversity with a lot of courage. Hearing out the loud anger or deep silence with patience is required. Marriage is not just a wedding affair or fantasy. It is a commitment to partnership. Life partnership where both the partners  need to make an effort to work happily towards oneself and as well as their partners happiness together, not outsiders.”

Dia Mirza (married to Sahil Sangha)

“Marriages are a deeply personal commitment and understanding. The marriages that have inspired me are ones in which both partners nurture each other’s growth, there is strong mutual respect and friendship.”