Usman the Friendzoned Boy is Breaking the Pakistani Internet

Usman the Friendzoned Boy is Breaking the Pakistani Internet

Usman, the friendzoned guy, has been trending on Pakistani Twitter and this is why.

Desi Twitter can be a ferocious Warfield at times. From politics to films, anything and everything can start trending at the speed of a space ship in no time. Twitter is generally considered to be a more serious medium as compared to Facebook and Instagram. However, trolling is the national desi sport hence any tweet that demands attention or irks the Twitterati can blossom into a fully grown flower ready to turn into a fruit right away. The same happened with Usman. The memes and Twitterati are on the hottest fire.

‘Y’all need a friend like Usman in your life’

It all started with the tweet of a girl named Komal Shahid who posted pictures of some scrumptious goodies with the caption,

‘I texted Usman i wanna eat something at this time and he just brought this to me.Y'all need a friend like Usman in your life.

Hence, apparently Komal Shahid has a friend named Usman who brought her the best cakes, cookies, and chocolates as she felt hungry in the middle of the night. She also urged the Twitterati to have a friend like Usman in their lives. It was evident from the tweet that the kindhearted guy named Usman was Komal Shahid’s platonic friend. As soon as Umsna brought Komal what she wanted, the happy friend posted on her Twitter account. Although it was almost 3 am in Pakistan, the whole country was up and alive as soon as they saw the tweets.

If memes contributed to the economy, Pakistan would have topped the economic race

It is unbelievable yet true that in no time #Usman started trending on twitter. While his friend Komal had a clear idea of how viral the tweet had gone, Usman had no idea of the fame he had enjoyed overnight. He became the top trend on Twitter and the entire country could not help tweeting and making memes about Usman who had been friend zoned by her friend Komal. If making memes contributed to the economy, Pakistan would have been the richest country in the world with the advent of Usman on Twitter.

Some memes were exclusive only for the Game of Thrones fans.

Usman has also set the bar high for husbands and boyfriends.

Now who did this to the famous food app Food Panda? This implies that Usman is even more efficient than Food Panda.

The memes and tweets that came following the hashtag Usman have been the highlight of Pakistani Twitter over the weekend. It goes without saying.

Komal became famous overnight

Although Komal did not see this coming, she gained many followers overnight, as everyone wanted to know more and more about Usman. Everyone is hopeful that one day they will get to see Usman who is the face of humanity as per the Twitterati now.

Komal posted a thread describing herself after this overnight fame

Since this was completely accidental, Komal posted a thread under her viral tweet about the attention, this tweet had gathered for her. Many online portals contacted her for a detailed interview, while the rest just took screenshots of the most viral trend and posted online.

However, she took all this in good humor and retweeted many of the memes and funny tweets. Her Twitter bio which says ‘a girl with no heart’ also became another meme.

Since the number of tweets has now reached more than 18,000 in just one day and there is  a lot more to follow, the memes and tweets will only increase with time. Many people could relate to Usman as friend-zoning is one of the most important issues for the Pakistani youth(since there is nothing else to worry about). Although Usman is still, a mystery and the nation still wants to know him, his kindness and generosity for a platonic friend has earned him the likes and love of countless strangers across the country.

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By Saadia Ahmed
Saadia Ahmed is a Bollywood and cheesecake fanatic with no obvious interest in space travel. She tweets @khwamkhwah day in and out