‘Uri’ Vs ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’: Who Will Win the Box office Race?
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‘Uri’ Vs ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’: Who Will Win the Box office Race?

It’s a battle of biopics and political ideologies at the box office not just in Bollywood but also Tollywood this week

It looks like this week political stalwarts from different moral and political outfits are all set for a clash at the box office. While debutant director Vijay Gutte’s Manmohan Singh bio-pic The Accidental  Prime Minister  is  being talked about for all the wrong reasons (unflattering  depiction  of  Sonia Gandhi and her children), director Aditya Dhar’s Uri  which opens alongside The Accidental Prime Minister is also based on  cold hard political facts,  the  surgical strike against  Pakistan in  2016.

The disadvantage of delving into recent politics is that all the incidents, murky or otherwise,  are fresh in the audiences’ minds. There will be hell to pay if the facts are messed around with. While the Congress I is up in arms against the hammy shrewishness of its leaders in the trailer of  The Accidental  Prime Minister, the spiked references to Pakistan in the trailer of Uri have already won the film a  curious audience which is tired of watching the neighbours being mollycoddled by Bollywood filmmakers.

The toughest political drama this week is NTR the Telugu bio-pic on the legendary political leader N T Rama Rao which has his son superstar NTR Jr playing his father. It cannot be easy for a  huge star like NTR Jr to play his legendary father. It is never easy to get into the skin of someone this close.

Would NTR capture the essence of  the mythical man as seen through the personality of his superstar son? Would Anupam Kher be able to convince Manmohan Singh to watch  The Accidental Prime Minister without the real Singh flinching at his impersonator ’s doings? And would the surgical strikes of Uri probe wounds that are too raw to heal?

Political dramas have so far shied away from addressing the issue headlong for fear of a backlash. But now this could change. And the shift in the audiences’ perception of politics and politicians could happen this week. If any of the three political dramas this week succeed at the box office, that would be an encouraging sign for the Balasaheb Thackeray bio-pic which open in two weeks’ time.

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