Up Close And Personal With Nisha Jamvwal

Up Close And Personal With Nisha Jamvwal

Nisha's lush and stunning space aptly reflects her flamboyant persona
Up Close And Personal With Nisha Jamvwal

Nisha Jamvwal revels in her many roles – architect, couturier, luxury consultant, contemporary Indian art curator, author and columnist and a fabulous host. As soon as you enter her house, you are engulfed with colour, drama and art. The gold and bronze artefacts and embellishments, along with walls lined with Thanjavur and Mysore gold paintings from the 18th century, are impressive. Additionally, the foyer resembles an art gallery, with lanterns paying homage to gods and goddesses in dramatic Indian iconography. Yes, visiting Nisha's home was a visual pleasure indeed...

Describe your ideal day at home...
My ideal day would start with tea in bed, gazing at the sea with no agenda, followed by a long relaxing bath, not my usual hurried shower. I would love to read, practise my harmonium, do my riyaz and have my Lhasa Apso, Ganeemat, by my side. An ideal day would also include a long walk in the park by the sea, with a great view of the ships. I would also love to enjoy a long conversation with my family over dinner and then finish the evening with a movie!

How did you go about decorating your home and keeping it as eclectic as you have?
Well, my home is a profusion of art and antiques, textiles and sculpture, pietra dura tables and striking furniture. Each piece is a meaningful work of art that I have collected over the course of my travels. Each purchase was instinctive; nothing was pre-planned or over orchestrated.

You have travelled all over the world. What would you say are your favourite destinations?
I love France, Italy, Japan, Australia and different parts of India. In 1993, I spent several months in Japan in a little town called Ibaraki. Every part of South Africa is magical, especially the safaris. I enjoy the history and mystique of Israel and, of course Egypt is fabulous too.

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