UK Anchor’s Question on Theresa May Backfires, Watch Viral Video
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UK Anchor’s Question on Theresa May Backfires, Watch Viral Video

In an interview Adam Boulton asked Owen Jones asked why he won’t have a lot of sympathy for her

Now that everyone knows that British prime minister Theresa May was on the verge of tears on live television when announcing Friday her exit over her failure to set up an agreeable Brexit deal with the European Union, paving way for a new premier, it is time to dissect why her emotional façade was inconsequential. May, it should be noted, failed thrice miserably to come up with a deal that all stakeholders would give a thumbs up to, effectively making her a laughing stock.

Recently, Sky News’ journalist Adam Boulton asked British political commentator Owen Jones why he said he didn’t “have much sympathy for her”. A video of the interview that has now gone viral on social media shows Jones completely blasting May and her disastrous policies. Jones, a columnist for The Guardian, said: “I've got less than no sympathy for her.

“She didn't publicly break down over the victims of Windrush, who, because of her policies, were driven from their homes, denied medical care, and even kicked out the country. “She didn't cry publicly over the dozens of working-class people who burned to death in Grenfell Tower. She didn't weep publicly over those who've had their benefits stripped from them, those driven to food banks because of her policies, victims of Universal Credit."

The left-wing political activist slammed news media outlets, who, according to him, were far more concerned about a powerful white woman breaking down on national TV instead of the victims of her strategies that impacted thousands of people.

He said: “I think our media can often express far more sympathy for the powerful — in her case, she will lead, no doubt, a comfortable and affluent life to her very end, rather than the victims of their policies, who I'm afraid have been driven to misery, insecurity and turmoil as a direct result. Let's think about those people.

When the interviewer asks if Jones couldn’t “just respond on a human level”, he retorts: “I have spoken on a human level. I've spoken about the humanity of those who have suffered as a consequence of her policies, and I wish the media would give far more space to them rather than spending time discussing the Prime Minister crying because she can no longer hold the most powerful job in the country.”

Later, however, i24 News anchor Eylon Levy later also tweeted about how the picture of May crying was “a haunting photo.”

“Whatever you think about Theresa May's record as prime minister, it's impossible not to feel sorry for her as a person,” he added.

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