Uh-Oh! Kamal R Khan is Back on Twitter

Uh-Oh! Kamal R Khan is Back on Twitter

KRK has targeted the three superstar Khan's in his first tweet!
Uh-Oh! Kamal R Khan is Back on Twitter

This can either be good news or bad news, depending on how you want to interpret it. All we have to say is, 0Kamal R Khan is back on Twitter.
Though he is a stale and pale shadow of his earlier self but he is back with the same vengeance and with a new handle called @KRKActor. Within moments of his return, he has started spewing hate against fellow actors.

However this time, Kamaal R Khan is not making any impact because no Bollywood actor has welcomes him or given him a shout out. This means that most followers never got to know that Kamal R Khan has come back. Sources say that most actors have stayed silent when they got to know that he is back on Twitter. In his new account, he has accused Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan of being instrumental in getting his account suspended. KRK tweeted saying, "SRK + Salman Khan + Aamir Khan forced #Twitter to suspend my account, but still, they can't stop me from reviewing films to save public from watching their crap films. Better, they should make good films instead to stop me."

He also went on to allege that, "Yesterday, SRK told to one of the top directors that he will finish all these idiot critics within next 2 years. Thank you SRK. Let's see if you will finish Critics or you will finish yourself within next 2 years."

What are your thoughts on KRK’s return?

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