UAE HOMES: Dhiraj and Rima Saluja's Classical Retreat

UAE HOMES: Dhiraj and Rima Saluja's Classical Retreat

Panoramic views and awe-inspiring interiors make this villa on The Palm a statement in itself

When you ask SEL Group MD Dhiraj Saluja and his lovely wife Rima, the meaning of the word ‘home’, they reply with an age-old Roman saying that holds true even today – Home is where the heart is. Well, their heart certainly lies in a plush, sea-facing space on The Palm Jumeirah, a gorgeous villa that houses some seriously enviable collectibles. Though their favourite spot is the outdoor barbecue area – with its stunning views of Burj Al Arab and Dubai Marina - that has been custom-made to suit their requirements, the interiors are what reflect the Salujas’ true passion and taste. 

They love everything classic which is evident from the fact that practically all corners of the home have been done up to reflect that particular ‘classical’ feel. “We handpicked different things from different parts of the world though all of our furniture is of the Althorp collection,” says Rima.

Among the accessories, one piece stands out – the finely carved serpentine marble top console table, the base of which has designs of scrolling acanthus leaves and a central shield has the Spencer coat of arms; the back supports are in scrolled hand-wrought iron.  This original Renaissance, circa 1690 piece holds great memories for the Salujas since it was handpicked by both of them together.

UAE HOMES: Dhiraj and Rima Saluja's Classical Retreat

(The finely carved Renaissance serpentine marble top console table is one of their favourite accessories)

Though the couple does not change the look of their home too often, Rima says her husband and she share the same tastes, interests and views, hence redecorating becomes easy whenever they plan it. Of course, the fact that they invariably pick up something or the other from their frequent travels always adds a new dimension to their interiors.

What they are most particular about is adding a personal touch to their abode. “There are so many ways to do it,” says Rima. “From photo-collages that capture special memories to wall decals but for me, it’s by framing up my daughter’s paintings that give my home the personal touch.” Indeed, the paintings by the young Ms. Saluja hold a pride of place in the house.

UAE HOMES: Dhiraj and Rima Saluja's Classical Retreat
(Painting by Anabhra Saluja)

A home that has the best of the world yet remains a cosy space that brings the memories and experiences of a family together – quite describes the Saluja residence. 

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