Hazza Al Mansouri Live Streaming and Updates: Touchdown! Hazza Al Mansouri Arrives on Earth!

Hazza Al Mansouri Live Streaming and Updates: Touchdown! Hazza Al Mansouri Arrives on Earth!

Hazza Al Mansouri returns to Earth live updates and streaming: touchdown! Hazza Al Mansouri is back on Earth!

Hazza Al Mansouri, the 35-year-old astronaut from the United Arab Emirates, is the first astronaut from UAE. He launched aboard Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft to the International Space Station where he stayed for eight days. Al Mansouri studied from Khalifa bin Zayed Air College and image of him with Aleksey Ovchinin, Nick Hague was released earlier by NASA. 

Watch this live stream of UAE astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri returning to Earth

Here are the live updates of Hazza Al Mansouri's return to Earth.

3.32 PM UAE Time Hazza Al Mansouri is Wrapped in UAE Flag, Heads to Medical Tent:

Hazza Al Mansouri's spacecraft has successfully landed in Kazakhstan. The MBRSC tweeted that, "Astronaut Hazzaa Al Mansoori, wrapped in the UAE Flag, being carried to the medical tent by Salem AlMarri, Head of the UAE Astronaut Programme at MBRSC, and Saeed Karmostaji, Manager of the astronauts office at the #MBRSC."

3.30 PM UAE Time, Hazza Al Mansouri Extracted Safely

Hazza Al Mansouri is all smiles as they are extracted safely from the descent module. The MBRSC tweeted, "Astronaut Hazzaa AlMansoori and his crew members have been extracted from the Soyuz descent module."

2.59 PM UAE Time, Hazza Al Mansouri's Spacecraft has Touchdown!

"Touchdown!" said the International Space Station. "@AstroHague, @Astro_Hazzaa and Alexey Ovchinin are back on Earth after departing the station 3-1/2 hours earlier. The trio parachuted under a clear, blue sky to a landing in Kazakhstan at 6:59am ET."

2.49 PM UAE Time, Hazza Al Mansouri's Spacecraft All Set to Land

The International Space Station just updated the trajectory of the spacecraft saying, "Parachutes open at just under 11 km in altitude.
@AstroHague, @Astro_Hazzaa and Alexey Ovchinin are due to land in Kazakhstan about 7am ET."

2.41 PM UAE Time, Hazza Al Mansouri's Spacecraft Descending to Earth

The International Space Station tweeted that Hazza Al Mansouri, Nick Hague and Alexey Ovchinin are now in descent. They are now feeling the effects of gravity. They were "feeling the effects of Earth's gravity," the ISS said. "Their descent module's heat shield will soon be glowing red hot as it begins to create a plasma trail."

02.17 PM UAE Time, Soyuz MS-12 Completes Its Deorbit Burn, Headed Back to Earth

The Mohammad Bin Rashid Space Centre tweeted that, "The Soyuz MS-12 has completed its deorbit burn and is headed back to Earth for a planned landing in Kazakhstan." The Soyuz MS-12 is the spaceflight that is carrying Hazza Al Mansouri.

The International Space Station also tweeted, "The Soyuz crew ship carrying three crewmates back to Earth has fired its braking engines. It will split into three modules at 6:34am about 40 km above the atmosphere with the crew riding inside the descent module".

11.11 AM UAE Time, Hazza Al Mansouri Shares A Small Video, Thanks Those Who Supported Him

Hazza Al Mansouri shared a video on instagram where he thanked those who supported him. "Thanks to all who worked on this great mission," posted Hazza. "And supported us to achieve Zayed’s ambitions. We just began, and we will be back soon."

11.32 AM UAE Time Hazza Al Mansouri Tweets About Undocking

Astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri tweeted about undocking hence: We are about to undock from the ISS. Another challenge is wandering around. With fear and pride, I am returning with Zayed’s ambition achieved. We are not done yet, and we will never be. To bring back the golden era of arab astronauts. He also shared a photo.

10.58 AM , UAE Time, Social Media All Praise for Hazza Al Mansouri, #UAEinSpace Trending:

Social media reacted positively towards Hazza's return to Earth. Hazza had shared an image of his home town, Liwa, Abu Dhabi from the international space station:

Twitter followers of Hazza and those who are waiting his safe return to Earth commented on his tweet wishing him well.

11.05 AM UAE Time, October 3, 2019 UAE Space Agency Wishes for Safe Return of Hazza Al Mansouri

The UAE Space Agency tweeted good wishes for Hazzaa Al Mansouri. "Today is the return of our hero," tweeted UAE Space Agency. "The first #UAE astronaut #HazzaaAlMansoori to earth! The whole nation is awaiting your arrival and wishes you a safe return home." 

7.03 PM, October 2, 2019, A Smiling Picture of Hazza Al Mansouri with his Astronaut Colleagues:

Check out the picture of Hazzaa Al Mansouri with his other astronaut colleagues, picture tweeted by the International Space Station. "Two Exp 60 crewmates and a visiting astronaut return to Earth on Thursday," tweeted the ISS. "The Exp 61 residents staying on station will focus on a series of spacewalks set to begin Sunday."

Hamza had 128 orbits around the Earth in 8 days and today morning, Hazza Al Mansouri, Nick Hague and Aleksy Ovchinin are all set for entry into the space module which will bring them back to our home planet. Earlier, Emirates Post had also issued a series of commemorative stamps to celebrate the latest achievement of the UAE Astronaut Programme.

Hazza Al Mansouri in space.Hazza Al Mansouri in space. Picture credit, Hazzaa Al Mansouri's twitter, astro_hazzaa

Hazza rang the bell for the change of command of the International Space Station and the spacecraft is to touch the ground at 3 pm in Kazakhstan. It will be 3 pm UAE time today when Hazza returns to Earth.

Hazza Al Mansouri Live Streaming and Updates: Touchdown! Hazza Al Mansouri Arrives on Earth!

Hazza Al Mansouri with his astronaut colleagues in space. Credit, International Space Station

It is unclear at the moment when he will return to UAE but in Dubai, a special programme is set at the MBRSC HQ for Hazza's return. Ovchinin and Hague are with him on this trip back home. After landing they will be escorted to Moscow for the post-trip medical check-up. 

Check out his image that he tweeted of the Nile.

Hazza Al Mansouri was also seen in images carrying out biochemistry experiments and unloading Japanese cargo with his colleagues on the International Space Station. At the Mohammad Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC), UAE students had a live call with Hazza Al Mansouri as he was in space. He also tweeted the image of Makkah from Space via his Twitter. 

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