London-based brand Per/Se and the brains behind it

Mandeep and Hardeep Kaur created the perfect counter to an industry obsessed with the proliferation of material goods - releasing just one item and its different moods every two months. Here's an exlusive look into the autumnal 'Anthem.' 

A simple google search on the brand Per/se land you onto this description. Twins Mandeep and Hardeep Kaur took the idea of simplifying a collection to an even greater extreme for their London-based label Per/se, which launches a single coat design every two months. In July we saw the launch of the Nebula coat, who’s cocooning shape was rendered in a textured fabric by Danish company Kvadrat. This September, the Anthem coat followed, fashioned in light grey neoprene with a cork lining. Hardeep Kaur says that the label’s clients have embraced the new concept. “The Anthem coat really started with an idea that intrigued us - how we perform day to day as individuals. Our concept of outerwear is that it acts like a piece of armour, it reflects your style, but even more, the type of person you are...,” she says. We get an exclusive look at the Anthem coat, and find out the genius process in conceptualising and creating the timeless and season-less coat.


About the Anthem Coat

“Neoprene as a material has a long association with performance, it is used for activewear. We wanted to take this material and do something new. We added cork fabric, an unusual material for clothing, as a means of bringing natural and man-made materials together in harmony. 

The result is the Anthem coat. Our signature silhouette, with hidden inner pockets and a loophole inside for your earphones. It is a coat that allows you to perform your daily tasks to the best of your ability.

Neoprene is a resilient material, breathable and it has a beautiful lustre; ideal for any stylish and smart woman on the go.The coat is named after Ayn Rand's book of the same name, a writer whose works greatly interests us. The broader work of Arnold Bennett, including his essay 'How To Live on 24 hours A Day' is also an important reference point. Style is crucial for our woman, but so is her desire to learn and to always be improving herself, for her own empowerment.The Anthem coat, like all our pieces, is made in our London atelier. Each piece is made to order, which makes the coat uniquely created just for the wearer.”

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