Twinkle Khanna's Comic Jab at Salman Khan Gets Her in Trouble?
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Twinkle Khanna's Comic Jab at Salman Khan Gets Her in Trouble?

Find out what she said!

Twinkle Khanna is known for her wit and candid comebacks not just in her column where she writes as Mrs Funnybones but in live conversation as well whether it be with friends or the media. In a recent article where she was asked to sum up 2016, Twinkle was seen making a funny comment that was an obvious jab at our very own Sallu Bhai which had fans on social media all in a tizzy, attacking Twinkle on her comments on their revered, Salman. The article had Twinkle make comic comments on stars such as Rahul Gandhi, Asaram Bapu and Narendra Modi - and of course, her Jab Pyar Kisise Hota Hai co-star Salman Khan.

Check out this excerpt: "Alliance Wanted For One Of India’s Oldest But Most Eligible Bachelors: Dashing, non-vegetarian, successful and muscular Khandani boy. Excellent in dance, drama and art. Girl must be pretty, slim and enjoy long drives off the beaten path. Bride must not be very talkative, as groom cannot tolerate any buck buck. Caste no bar. Contact" Twinkle takes no names, but the reference is obvious.

When people on social media trolled the writer on this comment of hers (tweeting quite horrificly mean comments towards her, we must add!), Twinkle posted a tweet that put all her haters to silence. "I write social,political satire-will not examine an ant & spare an elephant because I fear getting trampled by the herd #TrollProof #CarryOn," followed by, "To all the Bhai fans 'Merry Christmas'" along with this throwback picture of the duo from their film Jab Pyar Kisise Hota Hai. The actress seemed completely unfazed by the hateful comments that were forwarded to her. 

We say - Rock on, Twinkle!

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