Twinkle Khanna and 10 Quotes That Prove She Is the Queen of Outspokenness
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Twinkle Khanna and 10 Quotes That Prove She Is the Queen of Outspokenness

Twinkle Khanna is known for everything from her career as an author, film producer and much more, to her star-studded family. But this starlet is also notorious for her cutting sass that has resulted in some truly memorable quotes - check out her top 10 below!

Twinkle Khanna is definitely a special gem in the Bollywood industry! She is the daughter of late superstar Rajesh Khanna and actress Dimple Kapadia, and the wife of movie star Akshay Kumar. It is a well-known fact that Twinkle has never minced her words when it comes to talking about people's rights or to subtly teach a lesson to someone. She is the ultimate fearless woman – she speaks her mind about all topics and resonates with many people. While most women are attempting to obtain the #nofilter medium of conversation, they regularly feel guilty about some of the opinions they express. Twinkle Khanna on the other hand, has no qualms about speaking exactly what she's thinking and boy does she do it well! Here is a look at some of the wisdom she has bestowed upon the world…

1. "I wish we lived like children. Run till you are out of breath, flop on the grass, stare at clouds, jump up again, chase a squirrel around every tree in the park, walk on your hands because the world looks different upside down, climb little hills and roll down the other side, do somersaults . . . just because you can. What do we do instead? We surround ourselves with all these big and small blinking screens, while our bodies and minds slowly forget how to tumble, how to wonder, how to live."

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2. "Menstruating doesn’t cause pickles to spoil, temples to collapse or food to rot, nor is it contagious, though it would be rather nice to infect the male population with this so-called ‘curse’ for a month or two, just to sit back and view what I am sure would be a highly entertaining spectacle."

3. "We always give our best when our back is against the wall. We will write a superlative essay when pushing hard against a deadline, make the most innovative presentation when our job is in jeopardy, and study the hardest when the exam is the next day."

4. "We grown-ups always try to take the easy way out, the laziest way. We seem to have a great fear of getting tired, as if any energy depleted is lost forever. We want to plan our fatigue the same way we plan everything else."

5. "Naming me 'Twinkle' was a foolproof way of making sure that I would get teased throughout my life, have immigration officers at various airports stare at my passport and shake with hysterical laughter, and strangers stalk me with WhatsApp messages like, 'Twinkle, Twinkle, little star, I hope you get hit by a car!'"

6. "I grew up in a bustling household of women with my mom, granny, and aunts. Seeing all these strong women taking charge of their lives and living it to the fullest was a great inspiration while growing up."

7. “As my eyes are shutting, I think about the word ‘love’. It is multilayered, convoluted and as imperfect as all human emotions. It is not your heart beating fast when you look at him (I even knew a girl who would throw up each time she saw her beloved) or constantly wanting to be with the other person. Love in any relationship, family or an intimate friendship, is only about putting the other person’s needs ahead of your own, and that, my friend, is just as simple and as complex as you make it.”

8. “WhatsApp forwards about love and kindness. I wonder if on a Sunday morning all these enthusiastic do-gooders could send out truly helpful things like ‘11 cures for a hangover’ or ‘How to clean puke stains from your dress’. I have no such luck; all I get are strange messages like ‘Little memories can last for years’. Very useful when you are trying hard to forget all the embarrassing things you did the night before. Do I really need messages saying, ‘A little hug can wipe out a big tear’ or ‘Friendship is a rainbow’? There is also a message saying, ‘God blues you’, which I am trying to guess could mean that either God wants to bless me, rule me or make a blue movie with me.”

9. “The United Nations research states that men with the longest life expectancy are from Japan, followed by Switzerland. I am rather surprised at this result as since time immemorial we have been doing the Karva Chauth fast to make sure our men have long lives, and the results should have definitely shown by now. I scan the list, confident that in this chart of life expectancy, the Indian man must definitely be in the top 5. Nope! There are 146 countries above us where the men have longer lifespans, and the biggest blow is that even with four wives who don’t fast for them, the Arab men outlive our good old Indian dudes.”

10. “Love in any relationship, family or an intimate friendship, is only about putting the other person’s needs ahead of your own, and that, my friend, is just as simple and as complex as you make it.”

Twinkle Khanna is known for her absolute and brutal honesty, sass and wit. Over the course of a few years, the former actress has made her mark in various fields as an author, newspaper columnist, film producer and interior designer. Her books Mrs Funnybones and Pyjamas are Forgiving were an absolute hit with audiences.  Apart from this, Twinkle is also adored for her candid and courageous nature.

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