TV Shows To Watch While Social Distancing: Mora Piya
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TV Shows To Watch While Social Distancing: Mora Piya

While avoiding socializing during these trying times, catch up on some lesser-discussed Pakistani shows as we share some recommendations

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As we continue to wade through the emotional (and otherwise) strain occurring during this time of social isolation due to COVID-19 worldwide, this is the perfect time to calm the anxiety by binge-watching some good television shows.  While there’s a vast amount of dramas that are usually recommended, the classics old and new, what does one watch when they’ve caught up on that last?  The lesser heard of recommendations continue – while “Marasim” was the recommendation last week, this week’s recommendation is GEO’s 2012 show “Mora Piya.”  Written by Mohsin Ali and directed by Anjum Shahzad, the show starred Adeel Hussain and Aamina Sheikh in the lead roles.

“Mora Piya” tells the tale of Faisal (Adeel Hussain) and Ujaala (Aamina Sheikh), a young, spirited couple in love.  After years of fighting to be together due to Ujaala’s parents’ disapproval of Faisal’s job as a journalist, their marriage is finally set to take place.  The wedding goes off without a hitch, but as they settle into their room on their wedding night, Faisal is called regarding a tip-off and Ujaala accompanies him.  This choice proves to be a mistake as the story takes a tragic turn when, on their wedding night, Ujaala is raped by Faisal’s enemies in front of his eyes.  The story focuses on the aftermath of this tragedy and how Faisal and Ujaala’s lives (and love) is affected.  Because this is a recommendation, I will spare readers the details of the show to avoid spoilers.

There’s a lot about this show to appreciate, but the highlight is honestly the true depiction of emotions.  Sometimes the most beautiful shows are those that depict heartbreak in a realistic way.  “Mora Piya” presents viewers with a very serious, jolting scenario that completely alters the lives of the lead characters.  What makes this show riveting is that neither Faisal nor Ujaala are “wrong.”  They are both right in their way, their thoughts are right in their own place.  Their feelings towards their situation are understandable, their tension palpable.  It’s also great to see that, unlike in other shows, the disappearance of love is not a factor – rather, the two are so in love with each other that they cannot imagine leaving but are also torn by their unhappy relationship. 

This is the mark of a good show when the direction, writing and acting come together to leave an impact on the viewer.  While initially on air, Mora Piya faced flak for being too serious, too intense and too slow.  The show was quiet, subtle and told a story that relied heavily on emotional value. If you want to watch a show with a solid story and great performances, “Mora Piya” is one you will enjoy.

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By Sophia Qureshi
Pakistani Drama enthusiast, Bollywood fan, elementary school teacher, writer, reader, photographer, lifelong student and mother