TV series Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi resumes shooting with safety precautions
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TV series Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi resumes shooting with safety precautions

Adapting to the ‘new normal’ the stars are back on set in Naigaon ​

After filming ceased on all productions back in March, Dangal’s Pyaar Ki Luka Chuppi becomes one of the first TV shows to resume shooting on Tuesday. Implementing new safety procedures, including temperature checks, sanitization and the use of protective equipment the cast are back on set.

In an interview with an Indian publication, lead actress Aparan Dixit said, “It’s different and not as casual as shoots used to be before.” The TV serial, produced by Rashmi Sharma is operating on a smaller capacity than normal with only 20 to 30 people on location at once. “There are temperature checks at the entry,” explained Dixit, “everyone on the set, except for the actors, are required to wear face shields. Masks are compulsory and sanitisers are all around.”

Other precautions, such as hourly sanitisation procedures are being taken to keep the crew and cast safe. Actress, Dixit took responsibility on herself by making sure to distance herself as much as possible. “I kept touch-ups to a minimum, was conscious not to touch my face or talk to too many people. I sat in a corner with my driver, sanitsing my chair every time I returned to it,” she explained. “My co-actor and I stood at a distance and between shots, I wore a face shield since I can’t wear a mask as it would spoil the makeup. I was quite comfortable,” she said.

After a period of uncertainty, Dixit concludes, “It is natural to get apprehensive, but at the end of the day, the show has to go on.” We can’t wait to catch the new episodes when they air.

Image source: YouTube

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