TV Actress Commits Suicide

The actress was found hanging in her home in Hyderabad. Was failure in love the reason why she took the drastic step?
TV Actress Commits Suicide
Naga Jhansi

In a shocking incident, a television actress from Hyderabad who had worked in a number of TV shows, has committed suicide at her home. The actress, Naga Jhansi, was found hanging in her flat in an apartment building in Sri Nagar Colony in Hyderabad according to police. She was famous for work in several shows including MAA TV’s Pavitra Bandham.

According to a report in, the actress was alone in her flat. It was her brother Durga Prasad who sensed something was amiss when she did not respond to the knocks on the door. He reportedly called the neighbours who then broke open the door and that’s when they found her hanging from a fan. The actress’ body was shifted to a hospital for autopsy and a case was registered in a nearby police station. Hailing from Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, Naga Jhansi acted in several TV shows, she was also running a beauty salon for the last few months.

While it is still not clear why she took the drastic step, police and some of her relatives suspect that a broken love affair could be the reason. According to IANS, Jhansi’s relatives told police that she was in love with a man who was a distant relative. Apparently, she was in depression for the last few days and this could have been the reason why she took her life.

However, the police are examining all angles and have started examining the call data and chat records from Jhansi’s mobile phone.