TV Actor Amit Tandon’s Wife Released From Dubai Prison
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TV Actor Amit Tandon’s Wife Released From Dubai Prison

Amit Tandon and wife Ruby were going through divorce proceedings but this tragedy has now brought them together

TV actor Amit Tandon has called off the divorce proceedings with his wife Ruby after she returned to India post her release from a Dubai prison. In 2017, Ruby was arrested and incarcerated at the Al Raffa jail after Dubai Health Authority filed a complaint against her for threatening a few government officials. She was proven to be guilty and was handed over a 10-month jail term. After coming back from serving her  jail term in Dubai (in January), Ruby and Amit tried to reconcile their married life for the sake of their daughter.

In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Amit spoke about the trying times that the family had faced when Ruby was in jail and how their daughter used to cry every night thinking about her mother. “The difficult time helped put things into perspective. There were a lot of upheavals in my life and it was difficult to explain to my daughter, Jiyana, who is seven, what was happening. In a way, I felt guilty for the situation she had to face. I still remember her crying through the night when Ruby was away. We suffered serious financial losses, but all this has only made us stronger. The legal system in Dubai is not easy to work around. We got a court hearing after over 10 months,” Amit Tandon said.

Amit Tandon added that his family turned their backs on them when this tragedy struck them. “In fact, those who I thought were our backbone, our family, turned their backs on us. To me, they are the snakes. Fortunately, we received support from unexpected places. Ruby is slowly getting back to work. She has unbelievable strength, I would have gone mad if I was in her place. Our relationship is still work in progress, but we are friends again, at least we know we can depend on each other. We are living together as a family and I’m glad I get to see my daughter every day,” he signed off.

Hopefully the couple’s ordeal is over and they would be able to put their life together again

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