Tusshar Kapoor Lets Out Sister Ekta Kapoor's Little Secret

Tusshar Kapoor Lets Out Sister Ekta Kapoor's Little Secret

The actor spills the beans on Ekta's relationship with his son!
Tusshar Kapoor Lets Out Sister Ekta Kapoor's Little Secret

Ekta Kapoor

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Tusshar Kapoor revealed that Ekta Kapoor has completely changed as a person after his son Laksshya Kapoor has stepped into the house. The actor says that the little one has changed everyone’s life, the biggest impact being on his masi (Ekta).

"When I am busy or not available my son is with my mother or my sister who take care of him. He just loves to be with my mother or sister. They are all hands-on with him," reveals Tusshar.

What's more? Tusshar also revealed that Ekta finishes off her meetings well in advance to be with her nephew. "Ekta plans her meetings in advance so that she can be with him. She has changed a lot after Laksshya came in the house," he said. Besides freeing up time to spend quality moments with Laksshya, according to Tusshar, there are some other changes in his sister too. "She doesn't make loud noise. She takes care to close the door softly and takes care of her own things.  The whole culture of the house has changed after my son's arrival," Tusshar adds. Ekta also spoils his son silly with gifts and toys.

"My sister spoils and pampers him with gifts. On the other hand, I am very organised. I give him one toy, put it back and give him another. I am more structured in my pampering. But when Ekta comes he starts jumping and dancing on the floor because he knows that Masi is going to pamper him silly," he said. Aww!

Isn’t this the cutest things you’ve heard today? Take a look at all the cute pictures of Ekta and little Laksshya: