Tupac Shakur Might Just Be Alive, Suggests New Footage

Tupac Shakur Might Just Be Alive, Suggests New Footage

Tupac Shakur was reported to have died on September 13, 1996, however, many believe that the rapper might still be alive

They say legends are forever, they never die and live on in memories till eternity comes to an end and Tupac Shakur is one of those legends who, with his songs, still lives in the heart of his fans. The American rapper was an inspiration for a generation as his songs addressed some serious issues which plagued the cities of the US. The Dear Mama singer is still considered as a symbol of resistance and is remembered as the activist who stood firmly against inequality. His legacy still lives on but recently there have been rumours that the rapper himself may be alive, literally alive.

Recently, more footage of the day Tupac was shot in Las Vegas have surfaced and a theory has been brought forward. It is being noted that on the day the American rapper was fatally wounded in a drive-by shooting on September 7, 1996, hours after watching the Bruce Seldon vs Mike Tyson boxing match at the MGM Grand Hotel, there was a ‘body double’ of the rapper present at the venue. Tupac died in hospital, courtesy official records, from his wounds on September 13.

But conspiracy theorists have examined the footage of the 25-year-old rapper walking through the lobby of the hotel after the boxing match and one of the rapper’s fans explains, “You know on this footage of Tupac walking into the MGM lobby, I don’t know if anyone ever noticed but he walks right past his body double." The theory suggests that it was actually the body double who was shot on that day and the real Tupac was left to walk free. People have reacted in a mixed way to the video explaining why Tupac may still be ‘alive’, and some believe the reasons seem ‘plausible’ enough to believe the rapper may be alive. The YouTuber went on to defend his theory and even claimed that Tupac's family was in on it.

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