Trouble on Kapil Sharma’s Sets Again!
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Trouble on Kapil Sharma’s Sets Again!

The mystery return of Chandan Prabhakar who went missing on the show!

Chandan Prabhakar, comedian Kapil Sharma's sidekick on the stage in his TV comedy show, had been apparently asked to leave. However, he returned again on the show for a special Holi episode.

Chandan Prabhakar had been an integral part of several Kapil Sharma shows but he had been missing on screen for a long while which led to viewers questioning him on his absence. However, Chandan replied that he was not missing but the makers of the show thought that his character has no place in the current set-up. Here is his tweet.

Chandan stood by his tweet when Bombay Times called him to clarify. “I stand by what I have shared with my fans on social media. Sometimes, it is quite possible that the makers are not happy with the way you are enacting your gags. In my case, the makers feel that my gags are not clicking with the audience, but when you check social media, my fans feel otherwise.”

He further added, "My fans really like my work and keep asking me questions if I go missing from the show. So these are professional issues and I am hoping that they will be sorted soon. I have high regards for Kapil and personally, we share a great equation. He is a dear friend and I have nothing against him."

However, after this news was published, it seems that Chandan was called back in and was asked to enact a different avatar for the show. Yesterday Kapil Sharma tweeted out a picture that showed Chandan Prabhakar back on the sets again after being axed for at least four shows.

It's one more trouble brewing for Kapil Sharma. We hope that it doesn't explode in his face again after the Sunil Grover fiasco.

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