Treatment of the week

Treatment of the week

Brazilian Natural Lipo using the Manthus Ultrasound Machine

What? Brazilian Natural Lipo using the Manthus Ultrasound Machine

Where? Maison de Joelle, Beach Road, 04 394 9088

How long? 20 minute sessions

How much? Starting from Dhs490

The treatment: Once you enter the spa room and have your weight and stomach measured by Annalice Bacon, you are made to lie on the spa bed where a cooling gel is applied to your belly. The Manthus Ultrasound machine is then rubbed over your belly – rather ticklish, but it's a sign of the fat cells being broken down by ultrasonic heat. This process is also repeated on your back. Any feeling of unease is negated by the soothing foot massage you receive throughout the course of the treatment. This treatment is ideal for those who need a little help tackling troubled areas such as the tummy, 'love handles', and even double chins.

Results: After just two days you will notice an approximate two-inch loss on your belly. Ahhh, who knew losing inches could be this easy!!