Treatment of the week

Treatment of the week

Guinot festive package

Where? Akaru Spa, Aviation Club (04 282 8578)

How long?
Three hours

How much?

The treatment
: If you've partied, eaten and drunk a little too much and need an emergency pick-me-up before going back to work – this package is made for you. The treatment starts with a soothing anti-ageing hydradermie facial, during which rollers are passed over the skin to smooth away fine lines and visibly tighten the face. Next up, you're treated to a gentle yet thorough body scrub and relaxing massage, before a body contouring paste is applied to those troublesome hip and thigh areas. You're then wrapped up to let the silhouette-firming treatment work its magic, before you're unwrapped (how very festive!) and the solidified masque is peeled away – and with it, all your nasty toxins. Finally, sit back and relax with a half hour aqua-detox treatment, which promises to whisk away all the stresses of the festive season out through the soles of your feet. Then it's off to the relaxation area with you – for bubbly, chocolates and a fruit platter!

Results: Hips and thighs are left remarkably smooth, while your face feels tighter – totally recommended for starting a new year!

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