Treatment of the week

Treatment of the week

Serenity Salt Therapy


Serenity Salt Therapy


Timeless Spa, The Harbour Hotel & Residence, Dubai Marina, 04 319 4000

How much?


How long?

One hour

The treatment: With the mood already set by the ultra-relaxing ambience of one of Dubai's newest spas, it's time to choose the salt to be used in the treatment - which depends on your state of mind. Whether you need revitalising or relaxing, it's time to lay back, be swathed in giant fluffy towels and pampered.

Limbs are liberally doused in warm oil and massaged, before oil-infused salt is gently dribbled over your body, followed by a rigorous deeper massage which sloughs away dead skin cells. After a shower, moisturiser is rubbed into the body, leaving skin feeling deliciously soft. Just what a sun-damaged skin needs, before stepping out for the next round of window-shopping, beach combing and battling traffic in Dubai's scorching summer heat.

Results: Limbs are noticeably softer and smoother to the touch and skin feels fabulously renewed.

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