Traumatic airport security check for Koena
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Traumatic airport security check for Koena

Starlet questioned about torn jeans and T-shirt

Koena Mitra was interrogated for 45 minutes at Bangalore airport yesterday (Jan 31) morning.

She was returning to Mumbai, but before she could board the plane, she had this horrifying experience. During the security check, Koena was subjected to a 45-minute long enquiry by the ladies CISF team stationed there.

Koena said that when she entered the security cabin, the women started giggling and whispering among themselves.

Koena was dressed in a pair of torn jeans and a T-shirt with a hood.

First they asked Koena about her torn jeans. The actress says she was shocked but kept her cool and answered all the silly questions that were put to her.

The cops even told Koena to remove the T-shirt as they wanted to check its hood, which made her lose her temper. Koena was also made to remove her shoes and walk bare feet through the entire enquiry.

What stunned Koena more was the fact that despite all the interrogation, the cops actually failed to do their job. They did not discover a pair of scissors, three perfume bottles and a matchbox – prohibited items that were all in her hand luggage.

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