Toxic Dating Trends to Beware of in 2019: What Are They and Why You Need to Avoid Them at All Costs

Toxic Dating Trends to Beware of in 2019: What Are They and Why You Need to Avoid Them at All Costs

Ghosting and breadcrumbing became the buzzwords of modern dating a few years ago. Now we have more trends you need to add to your dating vocabulary to stop wasting time with the wrong person
Toxic Dating Trends to Beware of in 2019: What Are They and Why You Need to Avoid Them at All Costs

There are many toxic dating trends in the chaotic and confusing world of modern dating today. Relationships have become very complicated, with so many dating apps and a move away from traditional, arranged marriages. Many single people are exploring relationships with a number of partners before saying yes and settling down. However, there is no concept of transparency and being straightforward about how people really feel which has led to words such as ghosting, breadcrumbing, etc. becoming a part of our dating dictionary. These new annoying trends have been added to the dating dictionary in 2019, which you should be wary of:


This is a relationship where your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't introduce you to his or her friends or family, even after you’ve been dating for a long time.


Also known as ‘swerving’, this is where someone finds subtle ways to avoid you -- sending short texts, not initiating conversations anymore and disappearing for a few days -- in order to let you down or say that they are not interested, without actually saying it. This is different from ghosting where the other person completely vanishes from your life without a word. Curving keeps you lingering on for some time as you receive mixed signals.


This is when someone, who has ghosted you, makes a reappearance in your life via social media or texts, sending you casual messages as if nothing has happened. There are no apologies or no sense of accountability.


When someone only dates you because it makes them look good socially and gives a boost to their social media presence, they are ‘throning’ rather than building a real relationship.


This is probably the worst of all because the other person is only interested in dating you to get a few free meals and it can happen to both men and women.

Dating has definitely become a game for many people today, as easy as right and left swipes. It’s a tough world for singles who are trying to find a good relationship but getting caught up in drama or with people who are insincere about their intentions and motives. To avoid getting stuck in any of the above situations, remember that someone who is genuinely interested in you and emotionally available, will not give you mixed signals and keep you hanging about your role or status in his or her life. Stop making excuses for bad behaviour or indifference, and it’s best not to chase anyone. Expect to be treated well and have your feelings reciprocated.

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