Top Tips for a Healthy Relationship
Sandeep Bhargava

Top Tips for a Healthy Relationship

Lifestyle guru and expert Sandeep Bhargava shares the secrets to a great relationship

Relationships form a vital part of our life. Living without a relationship is like being on an isolated island where there’s nobody around to hear your wishes, your thoughts and emotions. Every human being - irrespective of age, sex and religion - needs a reliable relationship to understand the value of life. We all hunger for a person who will stand besides us through good times and bad, share our goals and outlook throughout the journey we call life.

A successful relationship is a spiritual need for the human psyche, one that is similar to physical needs like food and water. To attain success in life, it is very essential to accept the world around us. Our relationships give us the strength to embrace the world and create the foundation that gives us the inspiration to go ahead in our life.

How Does a Successful Relationship Help?
Being in a relationship makes an individual a well-rounded human being. It helps develop you emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Having a person in your life who can share all your joys and sorrows, listen to your point of view and respect it, give you the space that you might need, understand your needs and be your strength helps you unlock your own true potential and gives you the motivation to achieve all you want to in life.

A successful relationship sets you free in the true sense of the word. It is not binding in any way, it is actually the wind beneath your wings that helps elevate you to reach out to the skies, providing you with the encouragement to go forward and face any challenges that might come your way with confidence and ease.

It is your very own security net that makes you bounce back from any difficult situation.

How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship 
Maintaining a healthy relationship brings happiness and fun in your life. Small things/ gestures go a long way towards this. Giving your relationships time and effort is of utmost importance. Incorporating these small changes in your daily life will go a long way to achieve this…

  • Take some ‘We’ time: Life is a continuous wheel that we get caught up in. Work and earning money takes precedence over all else. Come out of this daily schedule for at least an hour and spend some quality time with your partner. Go for a long walk, cook a meal together or watch a game show… pick something depending on what you both would enjoy.
  • Have fun along the way: Life is a journey, so enjoy the ride! Laugh with each other, share jokes, memories, hold hands, show your emotions, do whatever helps you connect with each other.
  • Communication is key: When you talk/ discuss things with one another, it gives you the opportunity to understand the other person’s point of view, and the resolution of any issue or conflict becomes easier.
  • Forget the word Ego: it has no place in a successful partnership. Do not react suddenly in any situation. Listen carefully to what the other person is trying to say and then respond politely.
  • Let go of old baggage: Holding on to negative baggage from the past can damage your current relationship. Whether it was a messy divorce or break up, give your current relationship time to grow without any negative outside issues.
  • Evaluate all the relationships in your life: Prioritize them as per your individual needs to create balance in your life.

Like anything else in life, relationships need to be nurtured and need continuous care to keep them alive and interesting. Appreciating the person who brings you happiness, shares your interests, thoughts, likes, dislikes and walks with you through sunshine and rain is of utmost importance. Give your relationship a fresh start and find your soul mate in your partner.

Do you feel like the romance has left your relationship? Get it back with great relationship tips from lifestyle guru Sandeep Bhargava!


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