Top tips for a hair makeover

Top tips for a hair makeover

Garnier shows the way forward!

Every woman wants to look her best and feel like a princess, and there's no better way than giving your hair colour a makeover to renew your entire look. Try Garnier Colour Naturals 1001 Nights Collection, released specially for Eid, which will help every woman feel like a princess from the ancient fairy tale with luminous, rich black hair. The collection offers three black shades including the new shade No.2 to suit different complexions and personalities, and give hair natural, long lasting colour, lots of shine and 100% grey hair coverage.

Garnier's experts share the top tips on how you can finally perfect that glow for your tresses:

Pre-colouring Hair Care

Get a trim so that your hair is more manageable and the worst of your split ends are out. When your hair is not unruly, your hair colour will look much better.
Use a deep conditioning treatment with olive oil extract a few days before you colour your hair. And wait for about two days after shampooing before colouring your hair so that the natural oils in your scalp coat your hair.

During Colouring
Read the instruction carefully on the product pack and do the allergy test 48 hours before.
Don't exceed the time indicated in the instructions for the colour to develop on your hair; otherwise, the result will be much darker than expected.
After washing off the colour, apply the post-colour conditioner provided with the Garnier pack to further nourish the hair, soften it and give it a rich shine.

Post-colouring Hair Care
Use a shampoo that is recommended for colour treated hair. Such shampoos do not strip away the natural moisture from your hair and also help to keep the color soft and fresh.
Use a weekly hair mask to prevent the hair colour from fading.
Do not blow dry your hair using the hot setting. Use the cool setting instead or try to dry it naturally if possible.
Use filtered water to wash your hair or install a water filter for your shower. Yes, this may sound like a lot of trouble to go to, but tap water may contain a lot of chemicals and also other unwanted elements that will make your new hair colour dull and fade faster.
Use a leave-in conditioner for your coloured hair instead of the type that you wash out. Leave-in conditioners offer manageability all day long, and as most of these contain sunscreen, they protect your hair from harsh UV rays too.
After shampooing, always blot your hair dry. Don't rub hair dry or wrap it in a tight turban. When using a blow dryer, dry your head– not your hair. Over drying hair strips it of moisture and also results in static.
Never use a brush on wet hair. Work through tangles with a wide toothcomb, starting with the ends and moving up towards your scalp.

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