Top Fitness Tips for a Bride

Top Fitness Tips for a Bride

A guide to looking good, eating healthy and feeling fit on your wedding day. Anjali Chandiramani shows the way

It can’t be emphasised enough. If you want to be the glowing bride (or groom!) you need to start early. There is never a magic wand to looking great, it requires discipline and lots of hard work. Of course, if you choose the right workout and diet, it can be a lot of fun as well. Just follow the below guide by fitness expert Anjali Chandiramani.


Ideally, a minimum of 12 weeks is needed for a body changing workout. So if you are on a three-month mark before your wedding get started NOW.  Incorporate a good mix of cardiovascular with weight training and kick in two days of Pilates to really see that body change. Remember to focus on upper body more than the lower body as arms and shoulders are more visible than other body parts in wedding outfits. 

Types of Workout
• Push-ups, chest press and lateral pull downs help in developing a strong upper body and boosts overall fitness and back strength.  For lower body, weighted squats helps give lifted, round shape to the body and helps in burning many calories. Hence, HIIT is the best for a bride to be as it helps burn calories and builds lean muscle.

• Pilates is a great workout to incorporate into your routine as it helps give you that flat belly you have always dreamt of (who doesn’t want to wear a short choli and flaunt those abs, right?). They also help you get strong and healthy to face long nights with high heels and heavy lehengas that you will invariably wear during your wedding.  


A month isn't long so you would have to hit it hard. You should keep your workouts of high intensity with limited rest, making sure you are performing exercises with correct form and technique.  Try working out first thing in the morning to burn maximum calories and get it out of the way.  Also, starting the day off well will make you want to be good during the day and avoid those mithai tasting sessions!


While working out, it’s very important to keep your food in check.  The last thing you want before your wedding begins is a pimple on your face or an upset stomach.  To avoid this, try to incorporate as many fruits and vegetables in your diet and avoid sugar and white carbs completely.

• Soup it
Souping is the best way of getting all nutrition without running up the calorie meter.  Try doing mix veggies with bone broth which will give you great nutrients and protein. 

• Keep a healthy gut
Along with going carb free, try adding probiotics in your diet to avoid flatulence and keep your gut feeling healthy.  Natural foods that contain probiotics are legumes, artichoke, banana and asparagus among others.


• Hold the Table Salt
You might want to hold foods high in salt to avoid gut reaction. Keep away from starchy foods, breads and banish the shaker from the table.

• Continue with only Pilates
By now you should have reached a body goal you are happy with.  To avoid any unforeseen injuries but keep your weight in control, closer to the wedding, only do PILATES! The workout will help you look lean, strong and also give you a posture that will look great in pictures and videos.  So stay in that reformer!


The goal is to stay well hydrated, keep your energy up with your skin looking great and your belly not feeling bloated. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids.  Aim to fill up in the morning so that you won't have to go to the bathroom too many times in your lehenga.
Avoid alcohol as much as possible as it leaves you dehydrated and makes your skin look tired and dull.  In case of a special night, make sure you drink plenty of water even during the alcohol consumption to keep yourself hydrated. Also, be careful of carbonated beverages as mixers as they bloat you and spike up the calorie meter.  A regular glass of grape is around a 100 calories but a Margarita can run you up by 600 calories!


Start your morning with a fully loaded vegetable green juice to really kick start the day right. You can add loads of celery, ginger, Kale, spinach, cucumber, beats, lemon among others. Thirty minutes later, have a good breakfast filled with eggs, avocado, brown toast (gluten free if needed) and a smoothie bowl filled with yoghurt, seeds and berries.  This is not the day to compromise on calories but making sure the food you eat is clean and energetic so that you can hold your gown and smile through it all day.

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